About PGP

What is PGP?

PGP is an acronym that stands for “Pretty Good Privacy.” The popular program is used to encrypt and decrypt emails. It also uses stored encrypted files and digital signatures to authenticate messages. The program uses stored and encrypted files and digital signatures to authenticate messages.

The Public Key System

The PGP program is based on what is known. in encryption circles. as a public key system. The public key system enables each user access to a private key, only known to the user. They also have access to an encryption key known as a public key. To encrypt a message, you use a recipient’s public key and they decrypt it using their private key.

Encrypting and Decrypting Messages

Because encrypting messages can be a time-consuming process, PGP makes use of a speedier encryption algorithm to code or encrypt a message and uses a public key to encrypt a short key that encrypts the complete message. Both the encrypted message along with the short key are delivered to the recipient. The receiver, in turn, uses a private key to decrypt the short key and follows by using a key to decrypt the whole message.


Public Key Versions

The PGP program is available in two public key versions:

  • Rivest-Shamir-Adelman (RSA) – PGP must remit a license fee to RSA, which makes use of an IDEA algorithm to create a short key and RSA to encrypt the short key. The IDEA algorithm or International Data Encryption Algorithm is an encryption algorithm that was created at ETH in Zurich, Switzerland. It uses a 128-bit key and block cipher and is considered to be exceptionally secure. It is also noted as being among the best publicly referenced algorithms. IDEA is patented in the US and in most of Europe. Ascom-Tech holds the patent. Any non-commercial use of the algorithm is free. 
  • The Diffie-Hellman public key version uses a CAST algorithm for the short key for encryption purposes and a Diffie-Hellman algorithm for encrypting the short key.

In the transmission of digital signatures, PGP utilizes an effective algorithm that creates a hash (math summary) from a user’s name and signature data. This hash code is encrypted with the private key of the sender. The recipient, in turn, uses the sender’s public key in order to decrypt the hash code. If it matches the transmitted code of the digital signature for the message, it will show that the transmission was safely received. (The RSA version of PGP employs the MD5 algorithm to create the hash code. The Diffie-Hellman public key version uses a SHA-1 algorithm to form a hash code.)


Using PGP

While Pretty Good Privacy is regularly employed to authenticate digital certificates and encrypt and decrypt texts, it can also be used for encrypting and decrypting files, directories, e-mails and entire disk partitions. Some brands offer PGP-based programs that encrypt files shared over a network. Others use PGP for full disk encryption on mobile devices, desktops and removable storage.

At one time, the government in the US restricted exporting PGP programs but, over time, relaxed these constraints. Today’s coding technology and information are more transparent. As a result, PGP encrypted e-mails can be exchanged globally if both users maintain the correct versions of the program.

Needless to say, if you wish to safeguard sensitive business information from unwanted access, and wish to do so using a user-friendly and cost-efficient security solution, then PGP is the right choice. There is nothing complicated about PGP technology as it offers the following advantages.

  • All email communications are instantly secured and you receive the ultimate in protection against any kind of unauthorized access.
  • You receive an effective information security solution using speedy encryption technology without the need for a confusing number of passwords.
  • Your data is protected on a variety of end point devices, including laptops, mobile technology and removal devices.
  • The technology offers receivers safe transmission options to secure data on their PDFs and web portals in case their device is lost.
  • PGP stores and transmits information with convenience and security by controlling the usage of external storage devices.


Regardless of whether your organization is large or small, PGP offers a scalable solution that easily adapts to any size company while offering you the maximum of confidentiality when servers are shared. This flexible PGP safety solution also permits you to broaden your coverage.

In the case of unauthorized access or the loss of a device, you can still safeguard your information in a variety of storage media, such as USB flash drives or PDAs. Even emails are included in this mix. Our PGP data encryption software gives you the safe solution you need to protect your data over a variety of end points.

Maximum Protection for E-mail Encryption

Make sure you enjoy end-to-end security of e-mail communications and reduce the risk of unauthorized access. PGP can be used for encryption with your BlackBerry technology. This solution offers you the following benefits:

  • You can generate an encryption key by using the receiver’s e-mail address.
  • You can also recover keys without difficulty. The encrypted keys can be used whenever you wish.
  • The PGP service can be maintained at an affordable cost.
  • Encrypted emails for BlackBerry devices can be conveniently decrypted by receivers without the need to install new software.
  • You can make use of a maintenance-free service, thus lowering the costs for managing your IT.
  • PGP encryption is speedy – whether it is implemented for a desktop, BlackBerry device or laptop technology.
  • Email messages can be viewed using an intuitive and fast operation.

Allow us to grow your business with wireless encrypted e-mails. If you are seeking e-mail encryption that is fast and cost-efficient – one that offers the ultimate in protection of your company’s confidential information, you will find that PGP is an easy security upgrade.


Encrypted Blackberry Plan

Ensure that all messaging that is confidential is safety transmitted online. Any wireless communications through a BlackBerry device need a layer of security. By incorporating a PGP system for your e-mail security, you can increase the security features of your communication system easily and affordably.

At PGPEmailEncryption, our mission is to provide complete privacy to our base of preferred customers by highlighting encrypted BlackBerry technology services. We make the assurance that communication between our customized BlackBerry handsets cannot be tapped or ultimately corrupted.

Our network of dealers in North America and across the world are always available to satisfy your security mobile and electronic needs and requirements. To support this mission, we, at PGPEmailEncryption, offer state-of-the-art PGP encryption on a trusted and reliable network. Our team guarantees top-notch security for your device.

As industry leaders in email security for BlackBerry technology, we, at PGPEmailEncryption, make full use of PGP to send and receive emails encrypted to a handset, thereby safeguarding valuable information. In order to make this happen, we undertake a full range of activities, beginning with set-up, and followed by maintenance and support. We provide services that can only be described as seamless and streamlined. If you are looking for a supportive and fast solution to secure your email communications, then you can depend on our implementation of BlackBerry PGP.

The regular email that most people transmit is an extremely insecure means of communication. Wireless communication, particularly from a BlackBerry, is more susceptible to corruption without an additional layer of security. As a result, messages that are not encrypted can be easily intercepted. File attachments can also be compromised if they are not encrypted on a BlackBerry device.

PGP, when compared to sending a snail mail, is like sending a letter in a sealed envelope. We use PGP BlackBerry encryption to provide the same measure of safety when sending messages online. As a result, PGP encryption for BlackBerry devices supports the needs of both individuals and companies.

We, at PGPEmailEncryption, have the background, resources and staff to maintain the security of your BlackBerry devices. We are the one-stop shop online for all of your PGP encryption needs, especially email encryption for BlackBerry technology. You don’t need to refer to any other source when you are working with PGPEmailEncryption.com.

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